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The Electronics & Computer Technologies Lab (ECTLab) belongs to the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of the University of West Attica.It has been officially established in 2015 and re-established in 2019 (Official Government Gazette of the Hellenic Republic Issue B΄:Νο. 1041 / 03-06-2015, No. 822 / 08-03-2019). The research infrastracture of ECTLab is funded by European and national R&D projects as well as through the budget of the home Institution (University of West Attica).

Lab Director is Prof. Stelios Potirakis.

The research interests of ECTLab members lie in the fields of Electronics and Computer Technologies and span a wide range of relevant topics including:

  • Design of Analog, Digital and Mixed Signal Electronic Systems,
  • Acquisition and Digital Signal/ImageProcessing,
  • Pattern Recognition, Classification, Machine- and Deep-Learning,
  • Complex Systems Time Series Analysis,
  • Electroacoustic-Acoustic Design and Measurements,
  • Audiovisual Systems and Technologies,
  • Wireless Sensor Networks (acoustic, optical, environmental, etc.),
  • Modern Educational Technologies,
  • E-Learning and Distance Learning,
  • (Educational) Data Mining and Learning Analytics,
  • Affective Computing,
  • Design, Modeling and Characterization of Multifunctional and Intelligent Materials,
  • Wearable Systems,
  • Embedded Systems - Imaging Technologies,
  • Microelectronics - Integrated Circuits - Microsystems,
  • Architectureof Computer / Microcomputer Systems,
  • MeasurementSystems and Sensors,
  • Particle detector technology / electronic systems for the fast selection, control, reception and transmission of detector data.

Research activities are gathered round the following interacting directions that define corresponding Groups within the Lab:

  • Digital Signal Processing and Audiovisual Technologies,
  • Embedded Systems and Instrumentation,
  • Multifunctional - Smart Materials and Wearable Systems.

Complemented by a horizontalor across - subjects Group on

  • E-learning Technologies 

Beyond research, ECTLab supports a range of activities including  the contribution to the home institution’s undergraduate and postgraduate syllabi, the training of junior researchers, the cooperation with national and international research centers and academic institutions, and the provision of services to public/private sector organizations or industry. ECTLab is also organizing or supporting the delivery of scientific lectures, workshops, seminars or other scientific events.